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Handsome Muscle is more than just 1:1 coaching. James and Michelle are by far the most down to earth, and friendly people you’ll ever meet. Cutting carbs is never fun or easy but The Handsome MuscleTeam is able to help in every aspect of your prep including curving hunger. As a type 1 diabetic I face many obstacles that normal athletes don’t see. I used to struggle with my health and blood sugar levels. James was more than happy to take me on and face these obstacles with me. Both James and Michelle are charismatic and all around high energy, loveable people that are not just fun to coach with but also to have as friends. James was there with me for every step of the process constantly checking in and adjusting my diet according to my condition. Aside from my physical condition James also helped me grow as an athlete and a person. He continually talked sense into me and helped build my confidence from the ground as a top competitor. Without a doubt, the Handsome Muscle coaches are the best in the business and have countless years of experience and expertise. I was shocked with the conditioning and size I was able to maintain at my show date all thanks to James. I’ve competed for almost three years now and in the last four months of coaching with James I have seen more progress than I have in all those three years combined. I am more than lucky to call him my friend and my coach and I’m proud to be apart of the Handsome Muscle team! 

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