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I lost a total of 130 pounds 15 years ago. No diet, weight training or the dreaded cardio. I was excited and thought my body looked good. That’s until I met James and Michelle 5 years ago and at a body building show. Of course I was obsessed with the bodies I saw on stage. At that moment I was challenged by one of my best friends to do a show. I contacted James for my third prep, and boy let me tell you. The training, the diet, and shedded tears. This by no means was easy for me but as soon as I saw my body composition change I was instantly hooked. 8 shows later and I am still an athlete of Handsome Muscle. I may not be competing these days but have transitioned to Lifestyle. James has taught me balance, self confidence and most importantly the importance of healthy living . I am forever grateful that I approached Michelle and inquired about bikini fitness. Without her I would not be where I am today. My BMI at 128 pounds was in the 30’s. I was still facing the diagnosis of pre diabetes and hypertension. With the skill set and knowledge of my Coach James , I no longer have any of those issues . In both pictures I’m at 128 pounds and what a difference it looks . The power of a knowledgeable coach and one who believes in you will make you push harder on days you feel you can’t. Without a supportive coach I don’t think I could have done 8 shows, 5 of them in one year but when you have a coach who believes in you and actually treats you as family versus a client, it makes preparing for any show a breeze. I owe my new body to my coach James Hurst .

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