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I have been working out most of my life, slowly losing weight, but never being happy or satisfied with the way I looked. I was overweight in high school and would eat a lot of fast food, as well as growing up. I was teased and taunted by classmates about my weight and my size when I was a teen.

Working with coaches James & Michelle has been truly a life-changing experience. What started out as just doing lifestyle and being healthy, has become something much more greater. The knowledge that they have about physical fitness and nutrition guidance is a blessing. My coaches held me accountable every step of the way with my dieting, cardio training, and I am truly thankful. Without Coaches James & Michelle, I simply could not have accomplished what I did at the Governors Cup 2018 my first NPC Show taking home 2nd place in novice category. I would recommend James and Michelle to anyone who is very serious about improving any, and all aspects of their physical fitness. Whether it's in bodybuilding, figure, or just lifestyle, or getting in shape and staying healthy. Handsome Muscle coaches not only prioritized   their clients on being disciplined physically and mentally they also treat you like their own family and push you to do better in life. 

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