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My body composition has changed so much over the last few years. I’ve been with Handsome Muscle for over 3 years and I’m still competing. I came over from a different coach who did not really know much about competing. Once Michelle started prepping me I knew it was going to be tough but I love overcoming challenges. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and I love that about her because bikini prep is anything but a walk in the park. She makes sure that your posing is on point because everyone has different angles when your body is changing so much on prep- I swear she’s the queen of posing! I’m still always learning from her. James is also amazing. He’s helped me train upper body and get a better mind muscle connection because it was always my weak part to train. I also love the app we have where we get to upload our progress pics and see how far we’ve come and to looking at our training schedule. Everyone on the team is also all about being supportive of one another and so passionate about the sport. We’re like a big family! 

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