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Michelle transformed my entire life, period. At the age of 24, I was told I was pre-diabetic and half a point away from having Type 2 diabetes. I feared for the future and was informed that I needed to watch my nutrition and increase my activity level. On my own, I added in more exercise and my blood sugar levels decreased to a healthy range but I realized that as I was getting stronger, my measurements still stayed the same. I was still heavy and my self-esteem was low.


Words can not begin to describe how much I appreciate Michelle and Handsome Muscle for guiding and believing in me. Were it not for Michelle and the Handsome Muscle Team support, I could not have gained the immeasurable amount of self-confidence to value not only my physical health, but my internal health as well. Never in my mind did I ever think I would consider stepping on a bodybuilding competition stage, let alone have my own transformation story- but Michelle and Handsome Muscle had that vision even before I did and with them, I became my own success. I pushed past my limits and now I am limitless. I am who I am today because of the hard work and discipline Michelle so believe I have. I no longer am in fear of being a Type 2 Diabetic. I know I have control of my life because I have the strength and guidance to be a better version of me everyday. I can never thank Michelle and Handsome Muscle enough, they are the support system that saved me.

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